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Congratulations to the SunRisers, the 2016 IPL Champions

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Book ipl tickets 2016 online here. The ninth edition of the VIVO Indian Premier League began on April 9th with the IPL final scheduled for May 29, 2016. It has lived up to its billing with some excellent performances from some of the sides so far. Delhi and Bangalore are set to host one of the play-off matches and an eliminator while the M Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore will also be the venue for the final.

The race to the final four for the 2016 IPL has never been this exciting in the tournament’s entire history, as it wasn’t until the final day that the teams were decided. Now that we know who is going to compete in the playoffs stage, let us take a look at how it works and from where you can get the tickets for these thrilling matches. Tickets for the IPL qualifiers and finals are available at BookMyShow. Tickets will also be made available in several retail outlets in the cities where matches will be played. They will also be available at the stadium box office at all the venues where the games are slated to be held.

The playoffs stage is divided in three parts – Qualifier 1, Eliminator and Qualifier 2. The Qualifier 1 played on Tuesday, May 24th featured the top two teams – Gujarat Lions and Royal Challengers Bangalore, battling it out for a place in the final in Bangalore. Gujarat Lions who lost the match have one more opportunity to make amends by playing in the Qualifier 2 against Sunrisers Hyderabad.

The Eliminator, that took place the very next day on Wednesday evening saw Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders go in a fierce clash in Delhi. Sunrisers who emerged winners will proceed to the Qualifier 2.

The Qualifier 2 was played on Friday evening in Delhi between the Gujarat Lions and Sunrisers Hyderabad. Sunrisers Hyderabad win this match to march to the final to play against Royal Challengers BangaloreAs for the final match itself, it will be hosted in Bangalore for the coveted IPL trophy.

Some started the season with the favorites’ tag and some started as slight underdogs, some managed to live up to their billing while others could not live up to their expectation.

Let’s get started with the most consistent team of the IPL, Gujarat Lions positioned at the top of the table has been the most consistent side in this tournament. Kolkata Knight Riders too are giving tough competition placed fourth on the table. Next up are the Royal Challengers Bangalore & Sunrisers Hyderabad who looked dull at the start fought hard in their recent encounters to make it to that illustrious 2nd & 3rd playoff stage.

Now that we have a much better look at how the playoffs will work, let us take a look at the ticketing aspect as well. The tickets for all the matches can be booked on BookMyShow. The league stage of this year’s IPL has been a highly exciting one, and we can only hope for the same kind of thrill in the remaining few matches too. It will be certainly interesting to see who ends up in the final two. Which team do think will be the strongest squad this season? Which team will you support? Tune in either on television or online on your computer or laptop and catch all the action live. IPL ticket booking 2016 links will be placed below.

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