IPL Jerseys

The Indian Premier League has arguably become the biggest annual sporting extravaganza in India. With the tenth edition of the tournament not far away, fans can get their hands on IPL 2017 merchandise of their choice here.

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KXIP comes up with a native flair offering Lassi Da Gilaas, customized mugs and team badges, MI phrase their merchandise well offering wristbands, pillow cases, hand fans and Malinga hairdos; which has special demand. DD keep abreast with its range of t-shirts, bags, slides and autographed bats and balls. RCB, being Vijay Mallya’s team makes a splash of their merchandise which includes caps, helmets, hooters and customized t-shirts for kids, men and women. KKR rides on the stardom of Shah Rukh Khan and defrays slippers, caps, replica jerseys. It also has emphatically expensive golden helmets. Similarly SRH have a different range of merchandise as well.

Officially, 80 different sharp merchandise companies are kept in tow and ensure quality service and delivery. Puma, Adidas and Reebok are the top 3 merchandise suppliers for the Indian premier league teams. Watch out for teams holding contests to win team merchandise just before the IPL?

The fact that the teams were initially formed from different Indian states helped them gather a strong support base right from the very beginning. As the tournament goes into its 10th edition, it is safe to say that the IPL and the franchises have struck a strong chord with their supporters.

All eight IPL sides are partnered with several sports apparel brands which sell replica jerseys and merchandise at their stores around the country. Back in 2011, online shopping portal eBay India had partnered with these brands to sell IPL merchandise of all the teams on its website.

However, merchandising in the IPL has not been a success story so far. The organisers recognized that merchandising was growing at a snail’s pace while the IPL brand had gone on to become a roaring success. In order to remedy the situation, the organisers decided to sell IPL merchandise from a central platform.

Barring two-time IPL champions Kolkata Knight Riders, the remaining seven sides in the IPL agreed to the formula. The then IPL chairman Rajeev Shukla had said that a central merchandising partner will be selected which will be responsible for the manufacture and sale of IPL merchandise in India. The agency had also been tasked with dealing with counterfeit merchandise.

According to global estimates in 2014, sports merchandising generated 20 billion US Dollars. However, the IPL has not shown similar statistics although fans have continued to flock to the stadiums.

With the upcoming edition of the IPL looming large, it will be a good idea to get yourself the latest kits of your favourite team. Thus, if you are looking to colour your fanfare at IPL 10; you can rest assure on privileged IPL jerseys. IPL merchandise of your favorite teams can be bought online using the links placed below.