Royal Challengers Bangalore Roster 2020: IPL RCB Team Squad

IPL 2020 RCB Players List

ipl 2020 rcb players list

Royal Challengers Bangalore 2020 team

RCB team 2020 players list is placed here. The Royal Challengers Bangalore are one of the most followed teams in the Indian Premier League but they are yet to deliver a title to their fans. Will the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League be the one in which they finally win the Indian Premier League after having performed abysmally in the previous season? A lot of eyes will be on the RCB team 2020 squad given how they have managed to mess things up every season, especially with their bowling department. RCB players 2020 list is placed below.

What the Royal Challengers Bangalore need to address is the fact that their bowling comes under a lot of hammer in the slog or the death overs as they call it. What that means is that in order to accommodate the bowling lineup they need to get the wickets they desire, it becomes difficult for the batsmen since the pressure of playing a batsman short, or playing an all-rounder who struggles with the bat, makes it doubly difficult.

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Still, Royal Challengers Bangalore have a decent roster. Led by Virat Kohli they will also continue to play AB de Villiers making the pair as one of the most sought-after in the world. Now de Villiers did not have a great time in recent times but when he does get going, there is no looking back at all. Also joining the pair is Shimron Hetmyer, while Parthiv Patel might not seem one of the most aggressive T20 batsmen, he has played his part with the bat while batting for them.

The bowling line-up last season was bolstered by the presence of Dale Steyn, who was brought in late but he got injured and later, missed the World Cup as well. Steyn himself was Nathan Coulter-Nile’s replacement so NCN might look to return to feature in the next season of the IPL. Navdeep Saini will be a player to watch out as well.

Among all-rounders, Prayas Ray Barman will look for more opportunities, while Shivam Dube will be the hitter to watch out down the order. Moeen Ali will look to get more games but the toss-up for the Indian all-rounder’s spot could be down to Washington Sundar or Pawan Negi.

The bottom line still remains that RCB need to allow their batsmen to bat freely and the only way they can do that is to bring in a match-winning bowler to their line-up.

Virat Kohli will continue to lead the Royal Challengers Bangalore side, forming the most explosive batting partnership with AB de Villiers in the competition. Among those in the bowling attack, leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal will look to lead the attack, while Mohammad Siraj and Umesh Yadav will join hands with Tim Southee as the pace bowling trio. Nathan Coulter-Nile and Moeen Ali will add the overseas balance while Washington Sundar and Pawan Negi have both been retained by the setup last year. RCB 2020 team players list is placed below.

RCB Squad 2020

Batsmen Allrounders Bowlers
Virat Kohli (captain) A Nath Y Chahal
AB de Villiers P Barman Dale Steyn (N Coulter-Nile’s replacement)
D Padikkal Milind Kumar Mohammed Siraj
Shimron Hetmyer Shivam Dube Tim Southee
Himmat Singh Gurkeerat Singh Umesh Yadav
H Klaasen (wk) W Sundar Navdeep Saini
Parthiv Patel (wk) Pawan Negi Kulwant Khejroliya
Moeen Ali
C de Grandhomme
Marcus Stoinis
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  • Parthiv
    Virat kholi
    AB devillers
    Shivam dube
    Nathan coulternile

  • Virat
    Ab de


  • Kalassen ko khilao

  • Parthiv patel
    Virat kohli
    Ab de villiers
    Moin ali
    Shivam dubey
    Akshadeep nath
    W sunder
    Yuzi chahal
    Mohd siraj
    Tim southee
    N coulternile
    ( This team will definately win ipl )

  • V Kohli
    P Patel
    AB D
    H Klaassen
    S Dube
    W Sundar
    P Negi
    Tim southee
    N c nile
    M Siraj
    Y chahal

  • H klassen
    M stoinis
    V Kohli
    AB D
    P Patel
    W sunder
    Tim Southee
    U Yadav
    M Siraj
    N Saini
    Y chahal

  • RCB Best team possible playing 11
    1. Parthiv
    4. ABD
    5.moin Ali
    6.Marcus stonics
    7.W sundhar
    8.m siraj

  • Opening
    Parthiv patel
    Henry classen
    Marcus Stoinis
    Shivam Dube
    Pawan negi
    Coulter nile
    Yajuvendra chahal
    Mohd siraj
    Navdeep Saini

  • 1.virat kholi
    2.Ab de
    3.partive Patel
    6.marcas stoinis
    7.moheen Ali
    9.tim source
    11.umesh yadev

  • Leslie.D. Orsagar marathe your BestTeam

  • RCB best 11 for tomorrow
    3)AB D
    4)Marcus stoinis
    5)Moin Ali
    6)Shivam Dube
    7) Washington Sunder
    8)Nathan coulternile
    9)Tim Southee
    10)Yuzi Chahal

  • Parthiw patel klassen virat AB d stoinis gurkrit maan Sundar tim southern N.coulter nile mohd siraj chahal u r best time in tha ipl

  • Parthiv Patel
    H Kalassen
    Virat Kohli
    AB Devilliers
    Shivam Dubey
    Marcus Stonish
    Pawan Negi
    Washington Sunder
    Umesh Yadav
    Nathan culter Nile
    Yuzuvender Chahal

  • Virat
    A.b devilliors
    Moeen ali
    Marcious stoneis
    Shivam dubey
    Pawan negi
    Navdeep saini
    Tim southee
    Yzwendra chahal

  • 1.Virat K
    2. AB D
    3. S Hetmeyer
    4. P Patel
    5.M Stoinis
    6.S Dube
    7. W Sundar
    8.N Coulter Nile
    9.Y Chahal
    10.M Siraj
    11.N Saini

  • 1-parthiv

  • Parthiv patel
    Shivam dube
    Virat Kohli
    Moeen Ali
    Washington sunder
    Tim southee
    Umesh Yadav
    Siraj or Saini
    Please play with this line up!

  • H klassen (wc)
    Shivam dube
    Ab devillers. (C)
    M stonis
    Pawan nagi
    N C- Nile
    Y chahal
    M siraj
    U yadav
    N saini
    W sundar

  • Parthiv Patel(wk) (bat)
    Virat (bat)
    Ab d (bat)
    Moen Ali(spin &alrounder)
    Y chahal(spin)
    Shivam dube(spin)
    Navdeep Saini(bowl)
    Mohammad Siraj (bowl)
    Tim southee(bowl)
    Washington sundhar(spin alrounder)
    Coulter nile (bowl)

  • Parthiv Patel(wk) (bat)
    Virat c (bat)
    Ab d (bat)
    Moen Ali(spin &alrounder)
    Y chahal(spin)
    Shivam dube(spin)
    Navdeep Saini(bowl)
    Mohammad Siraj (bowl)
    Tim southee(bowl)
    Washington sundhar(spin alrounder)
    Coulter nile (bat)

  • Parthiv Patel(wk) (bat)
    Ab d (bat)
    Moen Ali(spin &alrounder)
    Y chahal(spin)
    Shivam dube(spin)
    Navdeep Saini(bowl)
    Mohammad Siraj (bowl)
    Tim southee(bowl)
    Pawan Negi(spin alrounder)
    Coulter nile(bowl)

  • Virat Kohli c (bat)
    Parthiv Patel(wk) (bat)
    Ab d (bat)
    Moen Ali(spin &alrounder)
    Y chahal(spin)
    Shivam dube(spin)
    Navdeep Saini(bowl)
    Mohammad Siraj (bowl)
    Tim southee(bowl)
    Pawan Negi(spin alrounder)
    Shivam dube (spin alrounder)

  • 1. Parthiv Patel
    2. AB de Villiers
    3. Virat Kohli
    4. A Nath
    5. Marcus Stoinis
    6. Gurkeerat Singh
    7. W Sundar
    8. Pawan Negi / Umesh Yadav
    9. Y Chahal
    10. N Coulter-Nile
    11. Tim Southee

  • 1. Stoinis
    2. Parthiv
    3. kohli
    4. AB d
    5. hetmyer
    6. W sundar
    7. Dube
    8. Coulter nile
    9. chahal
    10. Umesh
    11. Saini

  • My team
    & sagetion
    1 पार्थिव पटेल
    2 विराट कोहली
    3 मोइन अली
    4 एबी ड़ी विलीयर्स
    5 शीवम दुबे
    6 शीमरोन हेटमेयर
    7 मार्क्स स्तोइनिश
    8 w सुन्दर
    9 y चहल
    10 उमेश यादव
    11 मोहम्मद सिराज

  • H Klaasen (wk)
    Shimron Hetmeyer
    Virat Kohli
    A B Devilliers (wk)
    Shivam dubey
    Marcus Stoinis
    Washington sundar
    Pawan negi
    Mohammad Siraj
    Yazuvendra chahal
    Kulwant khejroliye
    This is rcb Best team….

  • Marcus Stoinis
    Shimron Hetmeyer
    Virat Kohli
    A B Devilliers (wk)
    Shivam dubey
    Colin de grandhomme
    Washington sundar
    Umesh yadav
    Mohammad Siraj
    Yazuvendra chahal
    Kulwant khejroliya

  • RCB Best Possible team
    1. H. Klaasen
    2. M. Stoinis
    3. V. Kohli
    4. ABD
    5. P. Patel (WC)
    6. G. Singh
    7. N. Coulter-Nile
    8. S. Dube
    9. M. Siraj
    10. U. Yadav
    11. Y. Chahal
    RCB 4 great bat – 4 perfect all rounders – 3 wicket taking bowlers

  • Virat played with her
    1 virat
    2 parthiv
    3 Ab d..
    4 h- classes
    5 moin ali
    6 Markus stones
    7 shivam dube
    8 w- sunder
    9 N- counter Nile
    10 Tim southern
    11 y- chahal

    This 8 batsman, 3 Speenars, and 3 Spencer go with them 🙏

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