Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab Prediction & Betting Tips – 20 May 2018

IPL 2018 56th Match: CSK vs KXIP Match Predictions

The Chennai Super Kings are highly likely to finish either first or second and that will be enough to give them a chance to reach the final through the eliminator game. Should they fail to win that then they will have a second chance thanks to how the IPL works. They go up against the Kings XI who are almost out of contention, but could still get through to the knockout round if things go their way. This is the final game of the IPL regular season and by the time we get there, we may have nothing to play for, but that won’t stop both of these teams wanting to win the game. Who will win 20th May CSK vs KXIP prediction is placed below.

The Chennai Super Kings may be assured of their position, but they have won just two of their five games and will be desperate to pick up a win here to give them some momentum to take into the knockout round. One thing the Super Kings have to do is bounce back from a disappointing defeat on Friday. That came against the Delhi Daredevils, and the Super Kings managed to score just 128-6 in that game, a very disappointing total. The Super Kings have the talent to not only win this game, but to win the IPL overall, and all eyes will be on them to see if they can perform to a high level on Sunday before going onto the knockout round.

After a great start to the season, the Kings XI have been very disappointing in recent games and they have lost their last four games. That has taken them down the table and they are almost certain to not qualify for the knockout round. They would need to win this game convincingly, and also hope that other teams fail if they are to make it and all together that is unlikely to happen. Fans of the Kings XI Punjab started the season very excited, but all they have seen recently is disappointment and they will hope to go out with a win here. CSK vs KXIP match prediction 20th May 2018 is placed below.

CSK vs KXIP IPL 2018 Prediction

The Chennai Super Kings are by far the better team and although they haven’t looked great recently, the same can be said about their opponents the Kings XI Punjab. Both would like to end their regular season with a victory, but it is the Super Kings that have a lot more to play for and they can show their strength here, winning this game before going onto the knockout round.

Chennai Super Kings vs Kings XI Punjab Live Scorecard

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