Who is the Best IPL Captain for 2018?

The most impressive captain of IPL 2018

One of the most important ingredients for winning the IPL is having a great captain. A good captain is not good enough to win this great league, you really do need a great leader to take your franchise to victory.

A great captain needs to be able to do two things.

  1. A great captain is able to continue playing to a very high standard individually, even though they have to think about the rest of the team, and the additional pressure on them. We have seen some great cricketers really struggle with their form after being appointed as a captain, the very best do not do that, they maintain their great performances.
  2. A great captain will lead from the front, and make other players around them play even better. A captain should inspire, and players should want to play for their captain, if they do then there is a chance that those players will play even better under good leadership.

With those two requirements in mind, who is the best IPL captain going into the 2018 season?For me, the best captain is Virat Kohli, who will lead the Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2018. Kohli is an incredible talent, and what makes him a very special captain is that he is able to continue playing great cricket, despite have the pressures on him of being a captain. We have not seen Kohli struggle after taking over captaincy of any team, and that is not something that is likely to start in 2018.

The other big reason for Kohli being the best captain is that players want to play for him. He is an icon in Indian cricket, and any youngster who is on the Bangalore team will be trying their hearts out to play their best for Kohli, because of the respect they have for him. He has slowly earned that respect as he has progressed as both a cricketer and a captain, putting him in the position he is now where players are hugely excited to play under him.

Two other Indian players, MS Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir also deserve mentions here, because they too have been fantastic captains before, and they will be again. Both are veterans of the game, and they are using the experience they have built up to be great captains. Both players have been there and done it all before, so they have the experience and knowledge to deal with any situation. The players below them know that, and they want to be led by someone like that, so the players under them are going to want to elevate their game to the next level for them.

The final player to mention is Australian captain Steve Smith. He has dominated many different formats of the game, and while his best success has come in the test game for his country, he is still an exceptional T20 captain. Smith has the ability to make decisions quickly, and he isn’t afraid to try something new, both of which make him an exciting, attacking captain to watch. He is not at the same level as Kohli, Dhoni and Gambhir, but he still deserves a mention here for being a great overall captain in all formats of the game.

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