IPL SRH Team 2019 Players List: Sunrisers Hyderabad Team Squad 2019

Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL Team 2019

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IPL 2019 Sunrisers Hyderabad team squad

IPL SRH team 2019 players list is placed here. The Sunrisers Hyderabad will hope they can take some of the form they had shown in the 2016 edition of the Indian Premier League, which they had won under the stewardship of David Warner and Tom Moody. And the good news is that after missing out of the competition last season, Warner is back into the set-up and retained by the team yet again. Sunrisers Hyderabad team 2019 players list is placed below.

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Among those who have been released by Hyderabad before the IPL auction that will be held later in December, 2018, are the likes of Sachin Baby, Tanmay Agarwal, Wriddhiman Saha and Bipul Sharma from India, which makes for a lot of sense given their performance hasn’t been worthy of T20 cricket in recent times.

Also getting the axe are England seamer Chris Jordan, all-rounder and hard-hitter Carlos Brathwaite, England opener Alex Hales and Bangladeshi spinner Mehdi Hasan which could be down to how the side has gone with their trades going into this IPL auction.

They gave away Shikhar Dhawan to the Delhi Daredevils but brought in Abhishek Sharma, a hard-hitting youngster in the middle-order, Vijay Shankar, all-rounder and Shahbaz Nadeem, a left-arm spinner. The presence of Hales as England’s premier batsman for the World Cup makes him a less viable option now, especially given Warner is back and will face a similar issue.

Among those other players retained include the who’s who of T20 cricket, include Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Manish Pandey, Sandeep Sharma, Siddarth Kaul, Khaleel Ahmed, Yusuf Pathan, Billy Stanlake, Kane Williamson and three of the best overseas players you can expect from the spin bowling lineup in the form of Rashid Khan, Mohammad Nabi and Shakib Al Hasan.

SRH players who may depart early to their respective countries to prepare for world cup: David Warner (Aus), Jonny Bairstow (Eng), Rashid Khan (Afg), Mohammed Nabi (Afg), Shakib Al-Hasan (Ban).

The interesting bit now will be what do they do during the auction they have only five slots that need filling and have a salary cap of Rs.9.7 crore to do that. A good couple of Indian batsmen might be the order of the day which they would love to fulfil during it. IPL SRH squad 2019 is placed below.

Sunrisers Hyderabad Roster 2019

Batsmen Allrounders Bowlers
Martin Guptill Yusuf Pathan Rashid Khan
W Saha (wk) Shakib Al Hasan S Nadeem
J Bairstow (wk) Mohammad Nabi Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Kane Williamson Abhishek Sharma Sandeep Sharma
David Warner Vijay Shankar T Natarajan
Manish Pandey Siddarth Kaul
Deepak Hooda Khaleel Ahmed
Ricky Bhui Billy Stanlake
S Goswami (wk) Basil Thampi
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  • david warner
    martin guptill
    kane wiliamson
    jhonny bairstrow
    shakib al hasan
    rashid khan
    khaleel ahmed
    deepak hooda


  • Every team in ipl 2019 got great players but sunrisers gonna to be very special becoz sunrisers team itself is a star. It had got well experienced and dangerous players like Warner, Williamson, yusuf pathan, Rashid, Bhuvi, Bairstow and it had got young talent in the name of Abhishek sharma, vijay shankar, Ricky buyi, Thampi and Natrajan

  • My starting 11 for sunrisers:
    1.David Warner(ob)(vc)
    2.Jhonny Bairstow(ob) (wk)
    3.Kane williamson(c)
    4.Manish pandey
    5.Deepak Hooda
    6.Vijay shankar
    7.Abhishek Sharma

  • david warner, kane williamson(c), bairstow (WK),deepak hooda,manish pandey, vijay shankar,rashid khan, buvneshwar kumar, siddarth kaul, khaleel ahmed, shabaz nadeem

  • Best Playing 11
    1. David Warner * (Batsmen)
    2. Wriddhiman Saha (wk/Batsmen)
    3. Kane Williamson * (c/Batsmen)
    4. Manish Pandey (Batsmen)
    5. Shakib Al Hasan * (All Rounder)
    6. Yusuf Pathan (Batsmen)
    7. Vijay Shankar (All Rounder)
    8. Rashid Khan * (All Rounder)
    9. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar (Bowler)
    10. Siddharth Kaul (Bowler)
    11. Khaleel Ahmed (Bowler)

  • 1 david warner
    2 williamson
    3 J bairstow
    4 manish pandey
    5 yusuf pathan
    6 hudha
    7 rashid khan
    8 bhuvi
    9 sidhart
    10 khallel
    11 thampi

  • 1. david warner 2 . kane williamson 3.martin guptil 4.jhony bairstow
    5. manish pandey 6. rashid khan 7 . b kumar 8. md nabi 9. sakib al hasan 10 .
    khaleel 11 d hooda

  • Team 11
    1. Warner
    2. Goswami
    3. Williamson
    4. Manish pandey
    5. Shakib Al Hasan
    6. Yusuf Pathan
    7. Vijay Shankar
    8. Rashid khan
    9. Bhuvi
    10. Khaleel ahmed
    11. Siddharth kaul

  • 1. D Warner
    2. Wriddiman Saha(wk)
    3. K Williamson
    4. Shakib Al Hassan
    5. Manish Pandey
    6. Yusuf Pathan
    7. Vijay Shankar
    8. Rashid Khan
    9. Bhuwaneshar Kumar
    10. Khaleel Ahmed/Sandeep Sharma
    11. Siddarth Kaul.

  • 1 D Warner
    2 Johnny Bairstow
    3 K Williamson
    4 M Pandey
    5 Wriddiman Saha
    6 Vijay Shankar
    7 Yusuf Pathan
    8 Rashid Khan
    9 Bhuwaneshar Kumar
    10 Sandeep Sharma
    11 Khaleel Ahmed.

  • As always, Sunrisers will rise in IPL 2019 with such a Good team. David Warner, Kane Williamson , Yousur Pathan, Rashid Khan, Bhuvaneshwar and Siddharth kaul gonna be a great asset for Sunrisers. All the very best Sunrisers. Awaiting for your leagues.


  • IPL 2019 best player of SRH
    1 D Warner
    2 Jhony Bairstow (wk)
    3 K Williamson
    4 Manish Pandey
    5 Vijay Shankar
    6 Yusuf Pathan
    7 Wriddiman Saha
    8 Rashid Khan
    9 Bhuwaneshar Kumar
    10 Sandeep Sharma
    11 Khaleel Ahmed.

  • Sunrises Hyderabad team is very excellent. But player should Very strong in Cricket. 👍👍👍

  • 1 David Warner
    2 Jhony Baristow(wk)
    3 Kane Williamson
    4 Manish Pandey
    5 Wriddiman Saha
    6 Vijay Shankar
    7 Yusuf Pathan
    8 Rashid Khan
    9 Bhuwaneshar Kumar
    10 Sandeep Sharma
    11 Khaleel Ahmed

  • 1 d. Warner 2 M. Guptil 3 williamson 4 bairstow 5 manish pandey 6 shakib al hasan 7 vijay shankar 8 rashid khan 9 bhuneshwar kumar10 Billi stanlake11 khaleel ahmad

  • 1.warner(opener)
    6braistow (wk)
    7 buvi
    9rasid khan
    10. Shankaer
    11 nabi

  • 1.David warner(ob)
    3.manish pandey
    4.kane williamson
    5.dheepak hooda
    6.yousuf pathan
    7.vijay shankar (or)ricky bhui
    8.rasheed khan
    9.sidddharth kaul
    10.khaleel ahmed
    11.bhuvaneswar kumar

  • 1. D Warner(c)
    2. W Saha(Wk)
    3. K Williamson (vc)
    4. S Hasan
    5. M Pandey
    6. Vijay Shankar
    7. Yosuf Pathan
    8. Rashid Khan
    9. Bhuwaneshar Kumar
    10.Sandeep Sharma
    11.Siddarth Kaul

  • The perfect team 11 from SRH is
    1. David Warner
    2. Wriddiman Saha
    3. Kane Williamson
    4. Manish Pandey
    5. yusuf phatan
    6. Vijay Shankar
    7. Sakib al hasan
    8. Rashid khan
    9. Bhubaneswar kumar
    10. khaleel ahmad
    11. Siddarth kaul

  • Probable 11Player of SRH
    David Warner
    Wridhiman Saha/Johny Bairstrow
    Kane Willamson
    Manish Pandey
    Deepak Hooda
    Yusuf Pathan
    Shakib Al Hassan
    Rasid Khan
    Bhubaneswar Kumar
    Sidhart Kaul
    Khaleel Ahmed

  • The playing 11 will be
    4.Yusuf Pathan
    8.Rashid Khan
    11.Sidhart Kaul

  • Better start an exclusive coaching camp for Manish … time for him to perform. A talented batsman that he is …. it’s high time he bounces back .

  • Trading Shikar for some Abhishek , Vijay & Nadeem is a very bad move …. if SD wasn’t happy with th fees it is justified ‘coz a non performer like Manish was paid over 10 crore & he was paid half of that … not fair . They should’ve let go MP to retain SD …

  • With Warner back & if Shikar was retained it would have made SRH a formidable team – with good foreign players ,best spin & pace attack . They cud’ve let go Manish if that was going to help them retain SD . They still lack solid & reliable Indian batsmen…

  • Orange army will be strong if playing order be like: SRH PLAYING 11 (IPL 2019)
    1.david Warner
    2.Rashid Khan (AR)
    3.kane Williamson
    4.manish pandey
    5.shakib al hasan (AR)
    6.yusuf pathan (AR)
    7.vijay Shankar (AR)
    8.wridhiman saha (wk)
    10.khaleel Ahmed
    11.siddharth kaul
    vijay Shankar and yusuf pathan can be used as back up bowlers
    Kane Williamson will available through out end of 2019 IPL
    Bairstow and Warner will be leaving IPL in middle of IPL session
    Guptil can be used as back up batsman in absence of Warner and bairstow for IPL 2019 whenever they will be leaving SRH squad from mid IPL session
    SRH can be best chasing IPL team for 2019 as contained with good quality all rounders such as Rashid khan , vijay Shankar , shakib al hasan ,yusuf pathan in playing 11 squad and also high run scorer as batting first
    Thank you for your patience😇
    Have a great day😃

  • 1.david Warner
    2. saha/goswami
    3. Williamson
    4.manish pandey
    5. Yusuf Pathan
    6. Shakib al hasan
    7. Vijay shankar
    8. Rashid Khan
    9. Bhuvaneshwar
    10. Khaleel Ahmed
    11. Siddharth kaul

  • 1 warner 2 william 3 Manish 4 Bristow 5 hudda 6yp 7vjay shankar 8 rashid 9 bhu v 10 khaleel 11kaur

  • 1 warner 2 Williamson 3 manish pande 4 bristow 5 deepak hudda 6 yusuf patan 7 rashid khan 8 bhuvaneshvar kumar 9 khaleel 10 siddarth kaure 11 sandeep sharma

  • 1.Warner 2.williamson 3.M pandey 4. Shakib 5.Y pathan 6 .D Hooda 7.V Sankar 8.Rashid k 9.B kumar 10 .S kaul 11. Khaleel

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